City of Sydney and City of Leichardt


Sydney and Leichardt, New South Wales


In-depth reviews show WestConnex is set to deliver minimal benefits to the Sydney community.

Our transport specialists were separately commissioned by the City of Sydney and the City of Leichardt to complete an independent strategic review of the $16.8 billion WestConnex project – one of the largest transport infrastructure projects in Australia.

The two reports provided an overview of the business case and were tailored to explain the impact of the WestConnex on each municipality. Major infrastructure projects like WestConnex can play an important part in shaping a city’s economic, environmental and social performance.

However, our in-depth analysis showed that WestConnex is only likely to deliver marginal benefits to Sydney. When considering the number of benefits that appear to be overestimated, along with the costs that may have been underestimated, it is possible the benefit-to-cost ratio for WestConnex will be less than one per cent.

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