Assess, monitor and evaluate projects and programs

We provide assessment and appraisal services to shape policies around regulation, legislation or investment, analysing the costs and benefits of regulatory changes, or public infrastructure and community facility investment.

Our funding prioritisation system informs how resources can best be allocated to meet strategic needs. Our financial and economic appraisal services assess whether project revenues or societal benefits will outweigh costs. We assess whether investment, regulation or land use decisions can be considered feasible to industry and within the market.

We help all tiers of governments, peak bodies, co-operative and mutual organisations, not-for-profit organisations, the development industry and other private businesses and consultancies understand different scenarios or growth trajectories, or what kind of influence their decisions will have. We look at all options before decisions are made, and then model the economic and societal impacts of these options. We identify any knowledge gaps, and we analyse and translate research and data to be relevant.

How we do it

Prioritise projects and programs

Strategic needs assessment

Investments plans

Strategic business cases

Place based assessments

Evaluate projects and programs

Financial appraisals

Economic appraisals

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) evaluations

Detailed business cases

Socioeconomic impact assessments

Program evaluations

Regulatory impact assessments

Property feasibility analysis

Cash flow models

Capacity assessments

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