Prepare plans, policies and prioritise investments

We understand communities and places within their local context and how they interact spatially and economically with their broader region, city, state or even the nation.

We deliver planning and strategy services that comprehensively analyse the potential of a site, precinct, district or metropolitan or regional area. We understand the urban systems, influences and drivers that define how a place is now and how it will be in the future. We draw on research and analysis to drive the decisions that will create a healthier, more inclusive and connected society.

We help federal, state and local government, peak bodies, co-operative and mutual organisations, not-for-profit organisations, the development industry and other private businesses and consultancies create places that enrich society – the hospitals and schools, the local parks, the public transport or the mix of retail and commercial uses that provide a strong economy and more employment opportunities for more people.

Importantly, we also help to devise policies around the major issues that impact society today, such as social or affordable housing, climate change adaptation or the economic risks and benefits of environmental protection.


How we do it

Plan cities and regions

Housing strategies

Affordable housing strategies

Metropolitan plans

Recreation plans

Open space plans

Transport model impact assessments

Plan future places and precincts

Town centre studies

Housing studies

Site studies

Precinct studies

Employment studies

Economic studies

Industrial and retail studies

Shape good public policy

Governance models

Policy analysis

Policy options development

Policy options analysis

Policy workshops

Analyse infrastructure funding options

Local infrastructure plans

Value capture appraisals

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