Member-owned businesses create a fairer and more inclusive economy for all Australians

From farming to finance, health to housing, motoring to manufacturing, co-operative and mutual businesses contribute billions to the Australian economy and play a vital and quantifiable role locally and internationally.

A certified B Corp and BCCM member, we work with member-owned businesses to understand and assess their impact and shape a more equitable and sustainable future for their members and communities throughout Australia.

Our evidence-based insights help member-owned businesses across all industry sectors secure long term success for their members, positively impact the markets in which they operate, and spread the benefits of business into the wider population.

We help member-owned businesses:

  • understand social issues and opportunities in different communities
  • understand where to expand your impact
  • assess your social purpose impact
  • assess the economic value of your services to members, and
  • access data and independent insights to advocate key issues to government.

Our recent analysis for BCCM shows that member-owned businesses are critical to the economic wellbeing of Australian communities, and we are committed to helping the co-operative and mutual sector prosper for years to come.

Our vision
is to be Australia’s most respected independent public policy advisor, working with social businesses that put people at the centre of their enterprise. We have a mutualised ownership structure and run a business to support our practice in public policy, rather than practising public policy for business returns.

Like to know more about how we can help? Contact Alison Holloway, CEO.

Our services

Investment prioritisation

SGS helps organisations prioritise future investments given their social purpose and the impacts they generate

Impact valuation

SGS estimates the economic, social and environmental values (impacts) generated by specific investments or initiatives

Impact monitoring frameworks

SGS develops frameworks for understanding, measuring and monitoring impacts generated by organisations, investments and/or initiatives

Understanding members

SGS helps organisations understand their members, the communities they live in, and investments that will meet their needs

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