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Market insights make a compelling case for developing specialist disability accommodation.

SGS worked with the housing co-operative Summer Foundation to analyse data from the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) and demonstrate the scale and distribution of demand for specialist disability accommodation under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The market insights report provides clear and concise information at a regional level on the number and nature of participants who are part of the specialist disability accommodation market and the current supply of dwellings (developed under old disability support models and, in many cases, an obsolete type). It makes a compelling case for the need to develop the specialist disability accommodation market and aims to motivate key housing market providers to further explore the potential for developing specialist disability accommodation projects around Australia.

The report addressed three key perspectives:

  • The first identifies locations that are currently underserved with specialist disability accommodation having regard to the national average rate of per capita provision. This is the supply perspective.
  • Recognising that the need for specialist disability accommodation may not follow population shares, the second priority interfaces the current supply data with the estimated future distribution of demand for these services. This is the demand distribution perspective.
  • The third perspective is that of a property investor looking to simultaneously meet specialist disability accommodation needs and generate sound financial returns. This approach interfaces the estimated distribution of demand for specialist disability accommodation with an index of potential property market gains.
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