Get informed with critical insights from data, spatial analytics and research

Data is one thing; insight is another. Our role is to look at how things have been, where they are now, and what the forecasts tell us about the future. We make sense of data and trends about places, people and economies.

We focus on what the overwhelming range of information says -- from population and demographic data, or traffic and growth patterns, to economic analysis or the feedback received from the community, government or stakeholders.

We help all tiers of governments, peak bodies, co-operative and mutual organisations, not-for-profit organisations, the development industry and other private businesses and consultancies translate and illustrate what this data means for people and how decisions can enrich the public good. We build a broader picture of what the future might look like to inform investment and policy decisions that will bring more benefits to more people and more businesses.


How we do it

Research economic and social issues

Employment analysis

Social harm analysis

Economic analysis

Industry analysis

Multi-dataset analysis

Interactive indices

Forecast growth and trends

Land use forecasts

Floorspace forecasts

Student forecasts

Employment forecasts

Economic forecasts

Housing forecasts

Population forecasts

Demographic forecasts

Identify stakeholder needs

Land use audits

Stakeholder engagement

Visualise data meaningfully

Interactive maps

Interactive dashboards

Web visualisations

Interactive indices

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