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Bachelor of Engineering (Surveying and Spatial Information Systems)

Torin is a geographic information systems expert who specialises in spatial analysis and data presentation.

Put simply, Torin analyses, then transforms insights into graphics, interactive maps and website tools and dashboards that are both meaningful and valuable to our clients. The process is complicated, but the result is simple.

With an engineering degree in surveying and spatial information systems, it's no surprise that Torin enjoys working on projects that involve spatial impacts on policymaking and city-shaping.

Here are a few examples:

  • analysing land use suitability, in testing potential rail station locations for a proposed metropolitan rail corridor
  • developing a spatial webtool benchmarking standards for liveability, amenity and social sustainability in areas impacted by population growth and urban renewal
  • assessing the arts and culture landscape of Western Sydney, including consultation with stakeholders, demographic and spatial analysis of access and infrastructure, to determine the levels of opportunity and engagement present for local artists and audiences
  • auditing floorspace of the ACT retail and industrial areas to document how employment lands are being utilised and where they are growing

On the weekend, Torin likes to take his daughter to the park usually while he's swilling his first coffee for the day (in a reusable cup of course).