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How and where people live influences their lives. Proximity to parks, shops and community facilities, or the availability of transport and access to jobs influences how long people spend travelling and time away from home.

The type of housing available – from an apartment to a standalone home – influences where people live depending on household size or what is affordable, while a home’s energy and water performance and its durability influences housing costs and has broader environmental impacts.

From a bigger picture perspective, we help state governments to prepare metropolitan plans, and local councils to prepare local housing strategies. These begin with understanding how the population will change and grow. We analyse trends, behaviour and the spatial implications of growth to provide advice on a suitable distribution of new homes, the type of housing that is feasible to the market and attractive to householders, and what type of social, transport and economic infrastructure is required.

At a local and precinct scale, we’ve developed structure plans and provided advice on the mix of housing that should be provided in the future, backed by an understanding of housing preferences.

We believe in the fundamental right of everyone to have a roof over their head. We have developed expertise in social and affordable housing, including developing national state and local plans for social housing provision.

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