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We understand the social and economic implications of environmental constraints on the suitability and feasibility of different development approaches and support decisions that will address the needs of people, property and the environment.

We combine technical environmental data and the advice of specialist sub-consultants with our understanding and analysis of urban systems to help identify and manage environmental risks and achieve environmental benefits. Wherever possible, we quantify risks and benefits to guide decision-making.

We consider a range of environmental factors that influence urban systems, from the protection of natural bushland and waterways and how these areas can be integrated into neighbourhoods, to urban heat island effect and a broader increase in the tree canopy.

We work collaboratively to consider how urban form and infrastructure planning can minimise greenhouse gas emissions. We use our analytical skills and multidisciplinary approach to measure the spatial and economic effects of environmental change and identify ways to build resilience to the impacts of climate change including coastal hazards, water stress, bush fire risk and other chronic and event-driven impacts.

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