Yuan specialises in cost benefit analyses, infrastructure network planning, social infrastructure needs assessment, development feasibility studies and land use planning and forecasting for government and private clients.

Yuan couples his analytical and modelling skills with an ability to clearly communicate complex modelling issues and results to a broad range of stakeholders. He has led financial and economic appraisals to support business cases for publicly funded public transport, education, telecommunication, cultural and community infrastructure projects.

Yuan is passionate about exploring how data analytics and quantitative techniques can enable smarter planning of cities and regions. He leads the development of data-driven digital products at SGS, including our retail simulation model which helps planning authorities determine the location, mix and quantum of retail floorspace required to cater for the retail needs of a growing population. His project experience ranges from preparing financial and economic appraisals of major infrastructure proposals to development contributions schemes for local councils. Here are some examples:

  • Quantifying the benefits of new school infrastructure to support business cases seeking government funding.
  • Developing a cost benefit analysis of a new museum in Parramatta.
  • Undertaking reviews of development contributions plans for local government to develop and assess new options for raising funds for local infrastructure.
  • Undertaking retail economic impact assessments and peer reviewing retail analyses prepared by other retail consultants for local councils.
  • Managing the development of housing, employment lands or commercial centres studies for local councils.
  • Undertaking the climate related risk modelling as part of a coastal adaptation project for a local council.

Outside of work, Yuan enjoys travelling, photography and a hit of tennis.