NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure


Lower Hunter, New South Wales

Detailed analysis helps to identify alternative growth scenarios for the Hunter region.

We worked with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment to review the Lower Hunter Regional Strategy, including developing alternative “macro-growth” scenarios. Working with a team of consultants, we conducted an analysis of the market environment and the feasibility of developing residential and employment opportunities in different locations across the region.

We developed alternative spatial options and established criteria for effectively assessing the performance of each option based on economic, social and environmental considerations. We analysed four spatial options:

  • Balanced (50% infill, 50% greenfield)
  • Greenfield (40% infill, 60% greenfield)
  • Infill (60% infill, 40% greenfield), and
  • High Infill (70% infill, 30% greenfield).

We prepared a cost-benefit analysis to determine the net impact of moving from the balanced option to each of the three alternatives. This analysis included comparing the scenarios and their net present value impact on elements such as:

  • transport
  • physical and social infrastructure
  • transport functionality
  • environmental performance
  • housing, and
  • social choice.
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