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SGS strengthens client offering with team promotions

Posted January 18, 2019

SGS Economics and Planning Team Photo

SGS Economics and Planning (SGS) enhanced its client offering with a series of promotions. The following team members have been promoted for their significant contribution to the business and their positive impact to the broader community:

Yuan Deng, Principal. Celebrating ten years at SGS, Yuan has developed a reputation as the go-to specialist for economic appraisal, project evaluation, business cases and quantitative analysis in NSW. Yuan has in-depth expertise in developing data-driven and digital solutions to assist with the planning of infrastructure investment, particularly in education.

Ellen Witte, Principal. Ellen is passionate about social and affordable housing and climate change. She leads SGS’s self-funded award-winning analysis into rental affordability in Australia. Ellen is a popular public speaker and media commentator.

Andrew Spencer, Senior Associate. Andrew has 18 years' experience in strategic planning, urban design and urban economics with specialist expertise preparing economic appraisals, value capture and cost-benefit analyses on planning policy initiatives.

Sean Williams, Associate. Sean specialises in things that make cities tick. He combines public policy expertise in housing, transport and macro trends, with a sharp mind for quantitative analysis. Sean recently completed a Master of Economics.

Kishan Ratnam, Senior Consultant. As an economist specialising in econometrics and spatial analysis, Kishan’s expertise ranges from small area land use forecasting to housing and transport policy. Kishan leads projects advising all levels of government across Australia and internationally.

SGS CEO Alison Holloway said the new promotions reflected a milestone year for SGS.

SGS Economics and Planning Alison Holloway

“Our commitment to continuing professional development has seen us strengthen our expertise and our impact. These promotions reflect the high level of performance and commitment from each team member as well as their commitment to the public interest and client service,” she said.

SGS has gained recognition for projects which have positively impacted the community in recent industry awards. Established in 1990, SGS is now 60 specialists working on projects across Australia and New Zealand.

“Rather than growing simply for growth’s sake, we focus on finding the right people - with aligned values - and give them the right support to develop with our business. I’m excited by the quality of talent in our team and am confident our business will continue to make a positive impact going forward,” said Alison Holloway.

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