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Investigating potential government policy reforms helps Great Southern Bank get more Australians into their own homes.

The purpose of Great Southern Bank is to help all Australians own their own home. SGS was engaged to help Great Southern Bank understand how a range of potential government policy reforms would help the Bank further its purpose. Our team investigated a wide range of potential reforms including:

  • Expanding the RBA’s mandate to include managing house prices
  • Subsidies that assist first home buyers
  • Prudential regulatory change for more competitive pricing of non-traditional home loans by lenders (e.g. for tiny homes), and
  • Changing tax and transfer settings that reduce housing mobility at different life stages.

We reviewed the latest evidence for and against each of these policy areas, enabling the Bank to gain a nuanced understanding of how potential government policy changes will impact the ability of Australians to own their own home.

We are currently undertaking a second stage of research for the Bank, investigating how well housing supply matches demand at an aggregate level and in each of GSB’s priority markets, and how different housing forms and locations impact on the cost of living for homeowners.

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