Evidence base informs highly automated and zero-emission vehicles in Victoria.

Automated and zero emission vehicles could be the biggest thing to happen to transport since the car itself.

Automated and zero-emission vehicles have the potential to significantly change the way people travel and to shape the pattern of urban development. They could increase road capacity, improve safety, provide greater mobility for older people and those with a disability, raise productivity during travel time and provide better access to labour markets for business.

But how and when these technologies will be adopted are two of the biggest questions for the Victorian transport system. The complexity of the urban system and the lengthy time horizon associated with delivering these vehicles makes planning difficult, but planning for their eventual use is crucial for capturing their benefits.

We prepared our ‘Automated & Zero-Emission Vehicle Land Use Scenarios’ report for Infrastructure Victoria.

SGS Economics and Planning Zero Emission Vehicles Report

Our research and analysis tested the land use impact of seven different automated and zero-emission vehicle scenarios. Part of an ecosystem of evidence, the results helped to inform the Victorian Government on the infrastructure required to enable highly automated and zero-emissions vehicles in Victoria.

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