Economic analysis on the impact of high speed rail helps the Committee for Sydney plan for regional economic growth.

New South Wales is almost a third of the entire Australian population and creates a third of the country’s GDP. However, not everyone in the state feels the benefit.

That’s why the Committee for Sydney undertook research to understand how Sydney interacts with regional cities like Newcastle, Gosford and Wollongong, and to explore how faster rail connections could grow regional economic growth.

Working with the Committee for Sydney, we prepared an economic analysis on the impact of high speed rail on residential development, housing costs and local jobs in Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney and Wollongong.

Our method to estimate the benefits of improved train service scenarios was based on assumptions of future growth in three factors:

  • The accessibility improvements resulting from the improved rail services.
  • The future growth in residential property prices.
  • The distribution of future dwelling growth.
SGS Economics and Planning Commtitee for Sydney fast rail report

This in-depth analysis provides thought leadership on the future role of the New South Wales mega-region and the relationship between transport and land use.

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