Learn what local councils are doing throughout Australia, grasp policy issues quickly and concisely and tap into international best thinking.

Launched in February 2020, LGiU Australia is a partnership between non-profit think tank and information service provider LGiU and Australian urban and public policy consultancy and certified B Corp SGS Economics and Planning. As a member-led organisation, our purpose is to share ideas and best practice, encourage innovation and collaboration, and develop research that drives the sector forward.

We work to inform our members by providing practical, up-to-the-minute intelligence on policy issues pertinent to local government in Australia. Our service draws on information and good practice from all over Australia and around the world to help public servants make policy, support residents and work more effectively with colleagues. Simply put, we help local councils drive forward the ideas and solutions needed to provide sustainable public services in the future.

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"Our members value being connected to new ideas and given the intellectual tools to operate effectively. Our daily news service informs members what's happening in local government nationally, and our briefings and research help decision-makers grasp policy issues quickly and introduce new thinking and innovations. LGiU is a hub for local government best thinking."

LGiU Chief Executive, Jonathan Carr-West

Member benefits

LGiU Australia members receive:

Daily News bulletin

Read daily news in your inbox before breakfast with a summary of the day’s local government press stories.

Weekly policy briefings

Read weekly policy briefings and reports in your inbox from Australian experts on Australian local governance issues.

International policy briefings

Explore international blogs, case studies and policy briefings on issues and opportunities relevant to Australian local government.

Global Local Recap newsletter

Explore our popular Global Local Recap newsletter, which shares insights and best practice from local governments around the world.

Events, workshops, and panel discussions

Participate in local and international events, panel sessions, and workshops, including the opportunity for CEOs or other senior executives at our member councils to join the conversation in our Global Local executive panels.

Global leading-edge research

Delve into our extensive catalogue of Australian and International local government content on our website, including the work of LGiU’s Local Democracy Research Centre.

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