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Marcus Spiller awarded Planning Institute of Australia Life Fellowship

Posted September 09, 2019

SGS Economics Planning Marcus Spiller PIA Award

Between being inspired by a planning handbook in high school and being awarded Life Fellowship of the Planning Institute of Australia, Marcus Spiller has had a very full and impactful career.

Marcus is a true humanist who always has the best interests of the community at heart. He values liveable spaces and is passionate about social housing, funding infrastructure, parks for people, fairer cities and governance and democracy.

Marcus is a recognised leader in the urban policy community. While he has been at the heart of the SGS for almost 30 years, he also a respected author and lecturer, a former national president of the Planning Institute of Australia and former board member of Places Victoria (then VicUrban).

During the award ceremony, Marcus' industry peers and colleagues said: "Marcus Spiller is one of the most outstanding thinkers and leaders in urban planning in Australia" and "Marcus is a recognised leader in the urban planning community - his writing, commentary and expansive thinking continues to inspire people to achieve more in the public interest" and "Marcus' influence on urban policy across Australia, and internationally, has been profound".

Marcus first decided on a career in planning during his final year in high school when stumbling across the Melbourne University Town and Regional Planning handbook. He found that the book seemed to cover all his interests of politics, design and economics – and he hasn’t looked back!

SGS Economics and Planning Marcus Spiller PIA Award

Recognition from highly motivated and like-minded peers is very humbling. It’s a spur to move on to the next big challenge.

— Marcus Spiller

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