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New planning policy amendment a big win for the West Melbourne community

Posted November 20, 2019

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Stroll through West Melbourne and you'll see a lot of new development: mostly residential high rise. But as the area continues to transition, its unique character will be retained with a new planning policy amendment supporting more balanced development.

A newly released planning panel report for City of Melbourne's Planning Scheme Amendment C309 supports critical planning controls in West Melbourne, including six per cent social housing and special use zones to deliver a real mix of uses.

City of Melbourne's Planning Scheme Amendment C309 sought to implement recommendations from their West Melbourne Structure Plan into the Local Planning Scheme. Our West Melbourne Economic and Employment Study informed City of Melbourne's Structural Plan and proposed an ambitious approach to policy planning.

SGS project leaders Julian Szafraniec and Andrew Spencer gave expert evidence on economics, employment feasibility and affordable housing at the recent planning panel hearing.

The new planning panel report is positive news for the West Melbourne community said SGS Principal and Partner Julian Szafraniec.

SGS Economics and Planning Julian Szafraniec2

West Melbourne is undergoing rapid change. This panel report presents a huge win for the West Melbourne community and will ensure a balanced development outcome as the area continues to transition into an important inner urban neighbourhood. We're pleased to see that many of our recommendations in the West Melbourne Structural Plan were accepted in the planning panel report.

— Julian Szafraniec

Planning policies included in the City of Melbourne Planning Scheme Amendment C309 include:

  • using the Special Use Zone to deliver a real mix of uses
  • mandatory floor area ratios to provide greater clarity and certainty
  • minimum floor space provisions for employment uses
  • six per cent social housing
  • provisions to help retain buildings identified as special character buildings
  • maximum parking rates and a requirement for parking spaces to be held in common ownership.

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