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SGS contributes to important new book on metropolitan governance

Posted May 21, 2018

SGS Economics and Planning Metropolitan Imperative Book

Who should govern Australia's cities? Marcus Spiller, Laura Schmahmann and Rhys Murrian contribute to a new book which argues a case for establishing metropolitan governance in Australia.

Australia’s Metropolitan Imperative: An Agenda for Governance Reform argues that metropolitan governments would promote the economic competitiveness of Australia’s cities and enable more effective and democratic planning and management.

The two authors and 18 contributors explore the global metropolitan ‘renaissance’, document the history of metropolitan debate in Australia and demonstrate metropolitan governance failures. They then discuss the merits of establishing metropolitan governments, including economic, fiscal, transport, land use, housing and environmental benefits.

SGS Economics and Planning Marcus Spiller Metropolitan Imperative

"The book argues for the institution of a fourth tier of fiscally self-reliant and democratically mandated government to take care of the metropolitan areas, as is the case in most advanced economies," - SGS Principal and Partner Dr Marcus Spiller.

The book is a useful resource for those engaged in strategic, transport and land use planning, and a core reference for students and academics of urban governance and government.

Australia’s Metropolitan Imperative: An Agenda for Governance Reform was edited by Prof Richard Tomlinson of Melbourne University and Dr Marcus Spiller, Principal and Partner, SGS Economics and Planning.

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