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SGS scholarship supports student's vision for accessible cities

Posted November 21, 2023

David Gossayn SGS Economics Planning Graham Larcombe Scholarship Recipient 2

Growing up in Campbelltown, David saw how limited access to jobs, spaces and services creates inequality. Located on the outskirts of Sydney, many communities in Campbelltown lack the opportunities of the inner-city suburbs.

My sister lives with a disability; I know how important it is for people to have access to services and public spaces close by. It’s crucial for any city.

— David Gossayn, scholarship recipient

David was awarded the SGS Economics and Planning Graham Larcombe Scholarship for academic excellence and a genuine commitment to addressing inequality and social disadvantage. Having just finished his undergraduate degree at Western Sydney University, David has his sights set on the next step. He aims to take on a master's project addressing Campbelltown’s development. While he knows the increase in housing supply is needed, he wants to protect green and open spaces. He said:

Campbelltown’s nature strips are home to koalas and provide green spaces to locals. If we lose these, it will impact the community and the environment.

David wants to see cities balance people’s needs with those of the planet. Green open space is one part of this vision. Multi-use developments, walkability and accessibility are vital to the cities David hopes to contribute to someday. The SGS Graham Larcombe scholarship will support his vision. David commented:

I was unsure if I could afford to study further. I felt uncertain about what to do to progress my career in planning, but this scholarship has given me direction again, and I feel ready to take the next step.

The SGS Graham Larcombe Scholarship is awarded to high-achieving students who are passionate about equality and social justice in cities. The SGS scholarship is named after the late Graham Larcombe, a champion of the people. Graham was a co-consultant, teacher, and honorary adviser at SGS. He was passionate about equality of opportunity, environmental sustainability and the proper, inclusive governance of our cities, towns, and regions — for him, these were integral elements of a prosperous society. He was dedicated to empowering the voices of the community members and ensuring their needs were met in the places they lived.

Graham appreciated the capacity of communities to take control of their destiny and transform their environment. He participated in their struggles and cherished their triumphs. He loathed corruption and campaigned fearlessly against it in his own community. He lived his beliefs in his everyday life while inspiring those he worked alongside. This scholarship is a way for SGS to reward, motivate and provide opportunities for students who share Graham's passion.

If you would like to know more about the scholarship, please get in touch with SGS.

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