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SGS scholarship supports student's passion for shaping adaptable and inclusive spaces

Posted July 07, 2021

SGS Economics and Planning Alison Fong

SGS scholarship supports University of Melbourne student Alison Fong's passion for shaping adaptable and inclusive spaces.

A student in the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne, Alison Fong was awarded the 2021 SGS Graham Larcombe scholarship for academic excellence and showcasing a genuine commitment to tackling social disadvantage in the urban environment.

I am grateful for the award….it has given me the encouragement to pursue my interests in social disadvantage issues, in both the planning and design fields, such as adaptable housing designs which I am currently focusing on within my minor thesis.

As someone with family members who require accessible needs, they have been the main motivation behind my passion for adaptable and inclusive spaces. This award has also given me hope to continue pursuing these passions beyond my campus but well into my future career pathways, where hopefully I can share my experiences and knowledge in an area that is most needed in our cities. I am incredibly grateful for this recognition and support.

— Alison Fong

The SGS Economics and Planning scholarship is named after the late Graham Larcombe, a co-consultant, teacher, and honorary adviser at SGS. Graham was passionate about equality of opportunity, environmental sustainability and the proper, inclusive governance of our cities, towns and regions - for him, these were integral elements of a truly prosperous society said SGS Principal & Partner Patrick Fensham.

Graham appreciated the capacity of communities to take control of their destiny and transform their environment. He participated in their struggles and cherished their triumphs. He loathed corruption and campaigned fearlessly against it in his own community. And he lived his beliefs in his everyday life. This scholarship is a way for us to reward, motivate and provide opportunities for students who share Graham's areas of interest. We applaud Alison's commitment to tackling social disadvantage across Australia's cities and regions.

— Patrick Fensham

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