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How we're working through COVID-19

Posted July 09, 2020

SGS Economics and Planning Alison H

As we embark on another six-week lockdown in metropolitan Melbourne, I am reminded again that responding to the COVID-19 crisis is more of a marathon than a sprint. That's why we must take care of each other and have reliable systems in place to continue working remotely. Below is an update on how we're working through the COVID-19 crisis.

Our virtual offices are open

SGS has offices in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Hobart. Despite further lockdown restrictions in Melbourne, we continue to operate virtually and deliver high-quality project work across Australia. We have worked flexibly for many years, so transitioning our team to remote work in mid-March was a reasonably seamless process. Please feel free to contact our team members by phone or email during business hours Monday to Friday.

Robust systems

As part of our Business Continuity Policy and COVID-19 Safe Plan, we have a highly secure and robust system in place to support seamless workflow while keeping our team connected and safe. We also employ COVID-19 continuity principles on all of our projects to help manage risk and work more effectively with our clients.

Quality service

We are deeply committed to doing the right thing by our people, our clients and the wider community. A certified B Corp and employee-owned business, we work for the public interest and aspire to provide the best independent public policy advice in Australia. We are here to work with and support our clients in this challenging environment.

Understanding the impact

The COVID-19 crisis is unprecedented and the long term effects largely unknown. We are investing in research to understand the economic impact of the health response, and how to best contribute to the economic recovery. You can see some of our research and insights on the publication page of our website.

Going forward

We will continue to monitor the spread and impact of COVID-19 locally and globally and act on information released by the Australian Federal Government and state governments. We will also continue to share new research and insights into possible pathways for recovery. If you would like to receive our publications by email, register here.

If you have any questions or concerns, I encourage you to get in touch with your project manager or project director. You are also welcome to contact me.

Take care of yourself and others.

Alison Holloway

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