Aboriginal Arts and Cultural Centre



Business case helps AACC secure $50m for Aboriginal cultural institute

SGS prepared a preliminary business case for the Aboriginal Arts and Cultural Centre (AACC) on the old Royal Adelaide Hospital site on North Terrace, Adelaide. The Cultural Institute will be fully operational by 2025 after securing an extra $50 million in the 2020-2021 South Australian State Budget. During our engagement, we delivered the:

  • overall strategic alignment with government policy and commitments
  • rationale for the investment (the case for change), including:
    • defining problems and opportunities and the benefits of successfully addressing the problems
    • the types of responses available
    • a high-level appraisal of these response options, and
    • the preferred options for more detailed economic evaluation
  • economic justification of the preferred option, including preparing a cost-benefit analysis (CBA) in line with Treasury Department guidance, and
  • delivery strategy for the preferred formulation of the AACC, including funding and financing, governance arrangements and identification and management of delivery risks.

We embedded the Investment Logic Mapping framework used in other Australian jurisdictions, which built a strong narrative for why the project was needed. We also prepared an economic impact analysis to complement the CBA. The economic impact analysis modelled the direct and indirect effects of the AACC on the South Australian economy with a focus on job multipliers.

Our team engaged with key institutional stakeholders throughout the project, including Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation, South Australian Treasury, Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, the Art Gallery of South Australia and the South Australian Museum.

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