Analysis and cost-benefit framework presents an efficient library investment program in Auckland.

We helped Auckland Council to assess the current library network in Auckland. We reviewed existing planned projects and projected population growth to identify priority areas across the network. We recommended phasing and prioritising investment, recognising funding and resource limitations.

We specifically focused on 14 priority local boards out of a total of 21 in Auckland. Within these 14 local boards, the study targeted:

  • 13 priority libraries (out of a total of 38)
  • four planned library projects (including both new and significant redevelopments), and
  • 13 possible gap areas (some of these areas are adjacent/linked with one another).

Our methodology involved a detailed supply-side assessment of the 13 priority libraries to determine their potential for development, as well as an Auckland-wide demand assessment which used the latest population projections and growth data from the Auckland Long-Term Plan. We then developed and assessed an investment program to provide the most efficient delivery program for Auckland Council, using a high-level cost-benefit framework.

We worked with architecture practice Architectus on this project.

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