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An annual economic analysis of Australia's cities and regions

For the past ten years, SGS has published Australia’s Economic Wellbeing (formerly Economic Performance of Australia’s Cities and Regions) to fill a void in economic policy research. The publication shows small area estimates of Gross Regional Product (GRP) of every major city and region in Australia (a regional breakdown of the more familiar Gross Domestic Product (GDP) calculations) and highlights the economic challenges they face.

Economic development is measured in terms of income and employment as well as improvements in education, health, culture, community wellbeing and the environment. Our research methodology recognises that economic development is a continuous process of growing an area's level of income and capital and how this income and capital are distributed among the community. This is a focus on economic wellbeing. The data reports on the performance of cities and regions and the implication of the overall wellbeing of places, communities and economies.

This research project is self-funded by SGS and managed by Julian Szafraniec and Kishan Ratnam.

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SGS Economics and Planning Australias Economic Wellbeing 2021

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