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The Find My School website, launched in 2019, aims to assist Victorian families in finding their closest public school and navigating enrolment boundaries more easily.

Access to quality education is vital for building sustainable communities and driving economic success. To facilitate this, SGS Economics and Planning, in collaboration with CrowdSpot, have developed a user-friendly web tool. This tool allows individuals to easily locate their nearest primary, secondary, or special needs government school and clarifies any enrolment zone management or other restrictions in place. These restrictions, which may be due to factors such as grade availability, special needs criteria, or enrolment zone management plans, have historically been complex to navigate. This web tool simplifies the process, supporting students accessing their closest public school.

SGS oversees the management of data updates, deploying them onto the website while offering guidance on the presentation of school information. Additionally, base map property boundaries are regularly updated to reflect new growth areas and infill development. Continuous enhancements to the tool are made to improve functionality and usability, aligning with user feedback and technological advancements.

This web tool empowers Victorian families with essential information to make informed decisions about their children's education, simplify the school selection process, and ensure inclusivity by providing comprehensive data on specialist schools.

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