In-depth analysis and advice inform one of the world’s largest urban renewal precincts: Fishermans Bend.

We worked with the Fishermans Bend Taskforce to analyse Fisherman Bend's intrinsic economic and employments links with the wider metropolitan economy, as well as its broader economic, financial and social contributions.

The report sought to detail an economic narrative for Fishermans Bend and to provide a range of relevant policy and research recommendations. It included an assessment of the current economic function and related employment and economic trends, along with internal and external forces impacting Fishermans Bend and each precinct. It also included three realistic alternative economic development pathways for the precinct. This work was a key background document to the Draft Fishermans Bend Framework Plan released in October 2017.

Based on the report, Julian Szafraniec provided expert economic evidence to the Fishermans Bend Planning Review Panel (Amendment GC81) in 2018. Marcus Spiller also provided expert evidence related to affordable housing at this panel. This work has informed the final Fishermans Bend Framework Plan and interim planning controls.

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