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Analysis shows that Queensland public libraries deliver sound community investment.

We worked with the State Library of Queensland to explore the value of public libraries in Queensland. We published our findings in ‘The Library Dividend: A guide to the socio-economic value of Queensland's Public Libraries’ report.

The purpose of our cost-benefit and economic impact analysis was to:

  • explain the value of public libraries
  • prove that public libraries contribute economic benefit to the community
  • equip public library managers with tools for assessing value and advocacy materials, and
  • suggest improvements (including deepening existing services).

Our analysis found that Queensland public libraries contribute significantly to community welfare. Indeed, their benefits outweigh their provisioning costs by a factor of 2.3 – representing a sound return on community investment. We also established that public libraries contribute approximately $295 million to Queensland’s economy and that they support 3,135 full-time equivalent jobs each year.

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