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South East Sydney


Place-based strategy provides a blueprint for transforming the way people travel within South East Sydney to 2056.

South East Sydney is an important and diverse region, with attractive and vibrant centres, an extensive coastline, beaches, parks and recreational venues, world class education and health care, a broad range of employment opportunities and the economically important gateways of Sydney Airport and Port Botany.

The South East Sydney Transport Strategy provides a blueprint for transforming the way people travel to, within and through South East Sydney to 2056. The Strategy has translated the City Shaping and City Serving corridors in the NSW Government's Future Transport 2056 into potential future networks for detailed investigation and economic assessment. It will inform NSW Government investment priorities as well as local councils' planning control reviews.

SGS SE Sydney Transport Strategy

Our land use analysis, prepared in collaboration with Transport for NSW and local and state government agencies, recommends future land-use scenarios and actions to support the development of the South East Sydney Transport Strategy. We worked alongside AECOM who prepared transport modelling of the land use scenarios.

Phase 1 of our study focused on the challenges and opportunities for growth within the study area. Phase 2 involved developing and analysing multiple land use scenarios.

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