Live Q&A Event: Measuring local governments' impact

Posted November 03, 2022

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  • Local government
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  • Live Q&A Event (Zoom Webinar)
  • Held on Thursday 17 November
  • 12.30 - 1.30 pm (AEDT)

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We explored how local governments can measure their ‘impact’ and effectively prioritise future investments.

Knowing how to measure your council's impact can improve the way you manage your investments. In this online event, two leading practitioners, Alessandra San Vicente and Siobhan Henderson outlined what is driving their organisations to measure impact; how effective impact measurement processes have been; what key lessons they have learnt in assessing impact; and how their experience has led to better organisational resource prioritisation and performance monitoring.

The session was facilitated by Andrew McDougall, Principal and Partner at SGS Economics & Planning.

Alessandra San Vicente is the Senior Corporate Planner at the City of Whittlesea. Having worked in both local government and consulting, Alessandra has extensive experience in outcomes identification and measurement development across services, strategies and projects. She has been instrumental in assessing the impact of the City of Whittlesea’s initiatives and service delivery of community facing outcomes. She also has experience in data management, data analytics and develops reports and insights, facilitating informed decision making.

Siobhan Henderson is a Strategy & Impact Manager at Australian Unity. Siobhan joined the company in 2013, working various roles in its Wealth, Banking and Operations teams. She has extensive experience in project management, strategic development, execution and operational efficiency. Most recently, she worked in the team tasked with developing Australian Unity’s wellbeing outcomes measurement framework. Launched in 2021, the framework seeks to apply a financial value to the social impact the company creates. Siobhan has a diverse background in Journalism, political science and policy, with a passion for aligning organisational strategy with meaningful social and environmental impact.

    Andrew McDougall is a Principal & Partner at SGS Economics & Planning. Andrew has extensive experience in assessing the impacts of capital projects and service delivery programs, and preparing business cases for local, state, and federal governments, as well as for not-for-profit agencies. He also helps agencies prioritise future investments using integrated decision-making frameworks.

    This event is being held by SGS Economics and Planning and LGiU Australia.

    LGiU Australia is a local government think tank committed to an innovative and sustainable local government sector. As a member-led organisation, its purpose is to share ideas and best practices, encourage innovation and collaboration, and develop research that drives the sector forward. LGiU Australia is a partnership between SGS Economics and Planning and not-for-profit think tank LGiU.

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    Experts in this area:
    • Local government