Access accurate and timely insights on people movement throughout Australia and understand how to apply these insights to your projects, plans or policies.

Critical insight

Understanding how people move, where they go and what they do gives governments and businesses critical insight and direction into planning and shaping more equitable and sustainable cities and regions.

Changes in residential migration, how people move in and around precincts, and the more recent working from home norm present a continuous challenge for planners, policy makers and government agencies. Accessing accurate and timely data on how and where people move and understanding the opportunities and issues relevant to a specific project, plan or policy is critical for shaping sustainable, equitable and prosperous cities and regions.

Comprehensive insights into near real-time mobility data help:

  • Avoid outdated or patchy data and access real-time insights into how and why people move
  • Identify residential growth in cities and urban areas to improve planning and decision making
  • Allocate budgets more effectively to maximise public value and efficient use of resources
  • Create, maintain and evaluate strategies based on timely and accurate mobility data
  • Understand accurate monthly movement patterns of the full Australian adult population
  • Access national and state migration flows into, out of, and across states
  • Quantify domestic residential migration at state or region level (SA4) since COVID-19
  • Measure monthly migration trends within specific regions
  • Understand urban and regional migration and see key areas of population settlement growth
  • Understand how places of residence have changed and convert that knowledge into investments, cost savings or budget redeployment
  • Measure how habitation of cities and urban areas has changed since COVID-19

How it works

As an employee-owned business and certified B Corp with high standards of accountability and transparency, SGS Economics and Planning plays a critical role as an independent and trusted advisor to the governments and organisations that shape Australia’s cities and regions. We source mobility data from trusted industry providers and apply this data to evidence-based insights and tailored advice for specific projects, plans and policies.

Select examples

The South Melbourne Market is a renowned inner-urban precinct hosting many retail, restaurants, cafes, bars and community activities. SGS and DSpark collaborated to analyse anonymised mobility insights data to uncover insights and identify policy implications of changes to activity levels at the market during COVID-19 lockdowns. The results show that the number of visitors and how they access the market changed significantly during the pandemic lockdowns. As the market continues to be a popular destination for Melburnians and local and international visitors, anonymised mobility insights data can provide in-depth and timely information on how visitors use the market.

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