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New report gives the ACT Government a broader understanding of the implications of climate change and key issues to address.

Climate change is projected to amplify the impacts of extreme weather conditions, and extreme events are expected to become more frequent. The ACT has experienced many extreme climate events, including the 2003 Canberra bushfires and the severe hailstorm in early 2020, resulting in public health issues and millions of dollars of property damage.

SGS and AECOM contributed to the ACT Government Climate Risk Assessment, specifically in the economy and built environment domains. The team leveraged their experience in quantifying the costs and benefits of climate change impacts and led the financial implications for the climate risks identified, developing a high-level cost-benefit analysis framework to determine the best possible treatment (adaptation) options across themes.

The report captured key insights and conclusions to aid the ACT Government’s understanding of the implications of climate change and critical issues to be addressed at the ‘whole-of-government’ level.

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