Economic and employment strategy helps to strengthen the City of Yarra’s economy over the next 10-15 years.

Working with the City of Yarra, we prepared the ‘Yarra Spatial Economic and Employment Strategy’ to identify Yarra’s economic strengths and drivers over the next 10 to 15 years.

Using a robust evidence base (including an extensive community consultation process), we identified trends, issues, options and choices for planning Yarra’s future economy. The main change drivers that we identified included:

  • growth in health sector employment
  • strong growth in knowledge-intensive employment
  • continuing decline in traditional industrial land uses, and
  • continuing pressure to convert employment land to housing.

Our key recommendations included:

  • supporting employment growth in Yarra’s established activity centres
  • preserving Yarra’s larger, mixed employment precincts at Gipps Street and Cremorne to accommodate projected demand for commercial floor space
  • identifying preferred locations for housing growth to reduce pressures for the ad hoc conversion of employment land, and
  • anticipating demand for the expansion of health-related activities in and around designated health precincts.
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