The City of Sydney plan to electrify transport, achieve net-zero emissions and build an active and clean transport network by 2035.

The Electrification of Transport in the City: Strategy and Action Plan (Strategy) aims to influence and significantly change the way people travel in the City of Sydney (City). The Strategy outlines a land use planning framework that allows market-based or private solutions to prosper. It also aims to facilitate the transition to net-zero through the development of a balanced approach to organising and supplying charging opportunities, infrastructure and power supply in a way that respects local context, urban form, residents, visitors, and businesses.

The City’s population is growing. Transport currently accounts for 20 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions in the local area and is forecasted to increase as a proportion of overall emissions. Without action, the City won’t be able to sufficiently reduce transport-related emissions. The City’s Strategy considers the increasing costs of transport, the need for equitable and inclusive access to transport, and accommodates an evolving landscape of technology and commercial approaches.

SGS Economics and Planning were the lead consultants with sub-consultants Kinesis in preparing the Strategy’s technical report. The work provided the City an evidence base for key action and initiatives. It considered the domestic and international policy context of electric vehicles uptake, regulation, and future technologies. It also modelled scenarios for the uptake of electric vehicles within the City and implications for electricity demand.

The Electrification of City Transport Technical Report includes:

  • Policy review and analysis
  • Trends and drivers analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Identifying charging needs for different fleets including public transport and private vehicles, and impacts on electricity demand, in different locations across the City.

The technical report supported the development of a targeted strategy and action plan.

Council approved the strategy and action plan at its June 2023 meeting. You can view it here.

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