New strategy shaping an innovation pathway in Georges River

Georges River Council is committed to discovering new ideas, being creative and finding solutions that are socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable as they deliver their Georges River 2050 Leading for Change Plan.

In 2020, we helped Georges River Council develop an innovation strategy to:

  • Drive a culture of innovation within the Council
  • Position the Council as an innovation leader in the Greater Sydney region
  • Foster innovation throughout the Georges River community

Working collaboratively with the Georges River Council innovation and strategy team, and sub consultants Morrison Low and LGiU UK, we developed a draft innovation strategy that responds to trends and delivers a clear roadmap to establish Georges River an innovative city.

Throughout the project, diverse data collection methods – including focus groups, forum workshops and presentations, intercept surveys and online surveys – provided extensive insight into stakeholder sentiments, which informed the strategy.

We also analysed the socio-economic impacts and explored local and international best practice case studies to identify the region's strengths and weaknesses and advise how innovation could evolve. Council tested the innovation concepts, and local community groups and local businesses contributed to the final draft innovation strategy.

SGS Economics and Planning Georges River Council cover

The Georges River Draft Innovation Strategy has been developed to transform Georges River Council into an innovative leader for change, leveraging their strengths and their diverse community.

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