Transplan Murray Regional Tourism Board


Victoria and New South Wales


The Murray River Adventure Trail is set to do great things for the Murray region.

The Murray Regional Tourism Board wants to create a new world-first, multi-mode, nature-based experience for the Murray River: the Murray River Adventure Trail.

We worked with Transplan and the Murray Regional Tourism Board to prepare an economic impact assessment. We conducted a cost-benefit analysis of four multi-sport adventure trail concepts along the Murray River:

  • concept 1 – a continuous trail
  • concept 2 – a modal change trail
  • concept 3 – a separated experiences trail, and
  • concept 4 – a connected experiences trail.

The concepts traverse five regions along the Murray River – western, mid-western, central, mid-east and eastern. Our analysis found that the Trail will deliver a net present value of $34 million and a benefit-to-cost ratio of 2.3. We forecast that the new Trail will:

  • attract investment in both public and private infrastructure
  • attract and extend the length of stay of 110,000 annual visitors to the Murray Region
  • be used approximately 200,000 times per year by local residents, and
  • generate annual output of $12.8 million and 71 jobs per year in the Murray Region economy.
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