Sydney Olympic Park Authority


Sydney NSW

Sydney Olympic Park to become Sydney’s Beating Green Heart, with more than half of all housing to be diverse, innovative and affordable.

The Sydney Olympic Park 2050 Vision – Sydney's Beating Green Heart – is set to transform the suburb from a primarily events focused destination into a thriving, activated community in the heart of the City’s growing western suburbs.

The Park will be home to almost 24,000 people by 2030, with over half of all housing being diverse and affordable; homes that will meet community needs. The Park will be a highly connected series of diverse neighbourhoods and experiences – active day and night, weekdays and weekends, for locals and visitors alike.

SGS Economics and Planning were the lead consultants on this project, working in close collaboration with the Sydney Olympic Park Authority and consortia sub-consultants CRED Consulting, Atelier 10, SJB, Yerrabingin and the University of Technology Sydney. The Place Vision and Strategy was developed over eight months and included:

  • Extensive consultation with a broad variety of stakeholders
  • Challenge and opportunity identification
  • Connection with Country planning
  • Social infrastructure analysis
  • Landscape architecture analysis and environmental performance consideration
  • Urban design analysis
  • Indigenous culture and design to Connect with Country
  • Economic, employment and housing, policy analysis.

Five Key Moves and ten Strategic Directions serve as linchpins for Sydney Olympic Park’s transition towards becoming Sydney’s beating green heart. With a 30-year horizon, the suburb’s transformation will be achieved through both short and long-term actions.

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