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Celebrating B Corp Month and reaffirming our commitment to the For-Purpose sector

Posted March 21, 2024

SGS Economics and Planning B Corp Month

As we celebrate B Corp Month this March, we're delighted to see the growing number of businesses stepping away from the conventional "business as usual" approach and embracing business as a force for good.

Our journey with B Corp

Our journey with the B Corp movement began in 2017, driven by a shared belief in the power of business to drive positive change.

B Corp certification is a testament to our enduring commitment to purpose-driven business. It signifies more than just a label; it reflects our core values and guiding principles. Through rigorous assessment and continuous improvement, we've leveraged our position as a B Corp to grow, amplify our impact, and advance social and environmental causes.

Our commitment to the For-Purpose Sector

While our journey with B Corp began in 2017, our commitment to the For-Purpose Sector predates our certification. Purpose has been at the heart of everything we do for over three decades. From our business structure and practices to our partnerships, we've prioritised creating meaningful, lasting change in the communities we serve.

We recognise the invaluable contribution of member-owned businesses to the Australian economy. As an employee-owned business ourselves, we understand the importance of co-operative and mutual enterprises in driving economic growth and social impact.

As a B Corp and proud Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals member, we collaborate with employee-owned and member-owned businesses to assess their impact and champion a more equitable and sustainable future for their members and communities.

Promoting transparency and equality: Sharing our progress

We voluntarily disclose our performance data in the spirit of transparency and our commitment to equality. The recent release of gender pay gap data by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) sheds light on where there is more work to be done in Australia's largest companies. While the average gender pay gap stands at 21.7 per cent, according to WGEA, SGS's gap is notably lower at 10.4 per cent.

Our dedication to fostering flexibility in working arrangements means 30 per cent of women and 29 per cent of men within our team can work part-time, figures we are proud of. While only 63 per cent of employers offer employer-funded parental leave, according to WGEA, we have provided paid parental leave for nearly two decades, exceeding the standard 12 weeks with 16 weeks of paid leave. Our SGS data reveals that a significant number of men take parental leave, with male employees using 55 per cent of all the paid parental leave across the organisation. As for board representation, where only 25 per cent of boards are gender-balanced, according to WGEA, SGS has 43 per cent female representation on the Board, as well as a female CEO and COO.

Moving forward, we remain committed to closing the gender gap by promoting equal representation of women and men across all levels of our organisation.

Our vision is to become Australia’s most respected independent public policy advisory. We understand our B Corp Certification's crucial role in aligning our values with our actions. With a shared ownership structure and a strong commitment to prioritising people in our organisation, we are determined to drive positive social change.

Being part of the B Corp movement isn't a checkbox. It's a testament to our belief that businesses can be a force for good. Our journey reflects our commitment to ethical practices, dedication to the for-purpose sector, and the essence of our operations. Every decision goes beyond profit, impacting lives and communities. It's about human connection, the stories behind data, and the power of purpose-driven work. Guided by our values, we're shaping not just a company but a movement toward a sustainable future.

— Alison Holloway, Chief Executive Officer
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