In partnership with Wollongong City Council, SGS analysed the intricacies of the City's commercial landscape. Our study lays the groundwork for a balanced and prosperous urban future in Wollongong through detailed analysis of land use, growth projections, and strategic planning.

Our role in this project was to conduct an extensive study focussed on business and retail centres. Our approach included the following:

  1. Auditing and analysis: We audited existing land uses, scrutinised building floorspace, and assessed the potential for further development, laying the foundation for informed decision-making.
  2. Demand forecasting: Acknowledging the rapid growth within the Local Government Area, we conducted thorough forecasting to anticipate business expansion needs, ensuring alignment with the region's rapidly growing future.
  3. Spatial analysis: We mapped the LGA's landscape, identifying strategic future locations for urban expansion and facilitating the region's sustainable growth.
  4. Informing housing strategy: Our findings played a role in shaping the Council's housing strategy. We pinpointed areas for residential development by using established and growing centres, contributing to a well-informed and forward-thinking strategy.

Our partnership with Wollongong City Council has paved the way for a prosperous urban future. Through detailed analysis and strategic planning, we've identified key areas for growth and development, ensuring a balanced and thriving landscape for Wollongong's continued success.

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