New South Wales


Social impact assessment shows proposed dental hospital in NSW will deliver net positive social impacts for patients, visitors, employees and the wider community.

SGS undertook a Social Impact Assessment for a proposed dental hospital development in NSW. The purpose of the study was to identify possible positive and negative social impacts of the proposed development during its construction and operational stages, along with mitigation measures to address negative impacts on the local and wider community.

SGS applied the following methodology to identify the hospital’s social impacts:

  • Consultation with the client to establish all relevant details about the proposed dental hospital
  • Strategy and policy literature review to identify the social impacts associated with this type of development
  • Baseline social profiling of relevant catchment areas to relate the analysis of likely social impacts and their relevance to the impacted population groups
  • Dental and oral health services analysis, including assessing the demand for dental services, dental and oral health services and facilities audit, and analysis of existing facilities.

The assessment concluded the proposed hospital would provide net positive social impacts on patients, visitors and employees, and town centre residents, visitors and businesses. This conclusion was based on our identification, description and quantification (where possible) of the following impacts:

  • Improved availability and capacity of dental and oral health services and facilities
  • Improved physical and financial accessibility of dental and oral health services
  • Enhanced regional employment, skills and education and research outcomes
  • Local impacts on traffic and car parking, safety and amenity
  • Enhanced agglomeration and clustering of health services.
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